Highly Energy-Efficient Centre Pivot Windows FTT

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Highly Energy-Efficient Centre Pivot Windows FTT Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Highly Energy-efficient Centre Pivot Windows FTT
FTT U8 Thermo with coefficient Uw=0.58W/m2K
FTT U6 - with coefficient Uw=0.80W/m2K
FTT R3 - with coefficient Uw=0.81W/m2K, Rw=40dB

  • Installation range: 15-70o.
  • Wide range of accessories

Technical Specification: FTT U6 FTT R3 FTT U8 Thermo
window U-value: 0,80 W/m2K 0,81 W/m2K 0,58 W/m²K
glazing U-value: 0,5 W/m2K 0,5 W/m2K 0,3 W/m²K
acoustic insulation Rw: 38 dB 40 dB

36 dB

glazing unit: 6HT-18-4H-18-33.2T     8H–16Tg–4HT–18Tg–33.1SIT 4HT-12-4HT-12-4HT-12-4HT
inert gas filled with panes: argon argon krypton
toughened external glass: + + +
varnishing: twice twice twice
seals: five five five
handle: Elegant Elegant  Elegant

  • Special roof windows intended for energy-efficient and passive construction. The glazing unit is set in a specially designed sash frame. It has wider wooden profiles, compared with a standard window. This design minimizes the phenomenon of thermal bridges and provides better insulation of the window. FTT Thermo U8 window with a heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 0.58 W/m2K is the warmest roof window on the market. Supplied and installed complete with flashing EHV-AT Thermo. As standard, it is also equipped with a set of insulation flashings XDK consisting of insulation set XDP and air-tight flashing XDS.Windows opened via pivot with hinges positioned above the window mid-height, thanks to which even a tall person can comfortably stand upright by the open window. Special window structure utilising wider sash frames and quadruple sealing system.
  • Easy washing the external glass and fastening awning blind thanks to a special bolt which blocks the sash when rotated through 180°.
  • Increased burglary-resistance – topSafe system.
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