Flashing for Changing Window Installation Angle ESA, EZA-P, EHA-P

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Flashing for Changing Window Installation Angle ESA, EZA-P, EHA-P Special Flashings

Flashing for changing window installation angle ESA EZA-P EHA-P E_A flashing is ideal for a flush fit of the window with low pitch roof coverings of 10° or more. It enables the installation angle to be raised by an additional 10°. Is used in mansard roofs, in extensions and adaptations of low pitched attics in order to extend space in the attic. It is commonly used to install with single windows in roof slopes. The flashing is also used in modules for horizontal joining of the windows, ( in such combinations the distance of 20cm between the windows is required).
There are three flashing type available, use of which is dependent on the roof covering:
  • ESA flashing– a flat covering with a profile depth of 10 mm (2 x 5 mm), for use with slates and similarly flat roof coverings;
  • EZA-P flashing– a profiled covering up to 45mm, for use with roof tiles and profiled sheeting;
  • EHA flashing– a profiled covering up to 90mm, for use with roof tiles, corrugated and deep profiled sheeting.
Can be used on roofs with pitches between 10° and 75°.

Constituents of the flashing:
The flashing is made up of four elements. The lower element is fitted to the roofing material. The upper and side elements are equipped with glued insulation material. In set, there are special installation brackets. As a result we acquire window pitch change in relation to the roof pitch. EZA and EHA flashings come with sponge seal glued to side channels to protect against wind blown dust, leaves, rain and snow. The flashings are equipped with gutter, to allow condensation to drain away from the window.

Flashing elements:
1 — top part of the flashings
2 — bottom part of the flashing
3 — side parts with sponge seals
4 — aluminium strips to fix the flashing

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