About Us

Ac Attic Construction And Trading is specializing in providing attic related products, ladder and house renovation. We provide a means to allow you to liberate your roof space into bedroom, store room or study room. Besides, we offer a very extensive selection of roof windows together with a wide range of accessories and loft ladders.
We transform attic into comfortable living spaces. These include:
  • A comprehensive range of roof window designs including centre pivot windows, top hung windows, L-shaped windows, access roof lights and skylights.
  • Roof window accessories including venetian blinds, external and internal roller blinds, external awning blinds, control units, remote control systems and smoke ventilation systems.
  • Solar collectors.
We strive to provide safe, energy-efficient and quality products and services to increase of trust and satisfaction of our customers. We place the highest priority on health and safety and the security impact of our products.  A complete product service guarantees a comfortable operational use of our products.

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